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If you are interested in developing a standard American English accent, you have come to the right place.
Improve your performance at work and study.If you want the confidence of bons de réductions quick clear and powerful speech, contact AccentsOff today.Weekly 1:1 remote video classes - from your home.Clear English is easy with our online accent reduction courses.Training yourself to hear the sounds that you have been subconsciously ignoring is a very important first step towards your goal of decreasing your accent when speaking American English.To Speak is to Hear, to pronounce the sounds correctly, first you must be able to hear the sound correctly.Click below to start right now.If you choose to move forward with classes, well tailor a customized program with interactive exercises based on your unique speech profile.Description, podcasts presented by Lynda Stucky, a trained foreign accent expert, to helps individuals around the world speak more clearly to establish credibility, position themselves within their company, and enhance their reputation as an authority in their area of expertise.After years of speaking a language other than American English, your brain and ears may be misperceiving or omitting some of the American English sounds that are not used in your native language.Choose private 1:1 weekly classes or team up with a friend for semi-private instruction.Follow the English pronunciation lesson timetable or make-up your own schedule and repeat lessons!Skype sessions are available 7 days a week, including weeknights.

Our virtual sessions offer the same level of personalization as our private sessions.Ready to take a Free Accent Screening?I teach non-native English speakers how to communicate more clearly.The purpose of this tutorial is to teach you how to first hear the sound correctly, then produce the sound in isolation and finally at the word level.In-person private and small-group accent reduction classes in our convenient New York City midtown office are also available.Schedule a single session and rehearse it online with.Ask your teacher questions anytime.Please fill out the form below to begin your free accent screening.Once you can name the sound correctly with at least 50 accuracy, you may begin training your mouth to say the sound. .

Why choose us, measure your progress, online speech checks, recordings and quizzes plus expert support.
If you are not hearing the sound correctly, you must first train your ears before training your mouth. .
Pronunciation, intonation, and connection are the three factors that cause one to speak with their specific accent.