Also the Found Cake can be given to cadeaux femme pas cher Sten, he likes sweets, and the Tangled Ball of Yarn can be given to Wynne, she wants to knit Alistair a gift.
Some gifts grant more, for example: Andraste's Grace grants 15 approval with Leliana.
Wynne Flemeth's Grimoire Flemeth's Grimoire Gift An old, but lovingly cared for book, bound in leather of questionable origins.If the Warden does not want Morrigan to help battle the Archdemon, the conversation with her should be initiated before speaking to Riordan and choosing the final party.2 magic 10 cold damage Accessories Wildstone Clasp Wildstone Clasp Amulet A roughhewn gem in a deceptively simple setting.Morrigan Silver Demon Head Ring Silver Demon Head Ring Gift An ornate silver ring with a decorative element made to look like a horned cadeau pour l anniversaire de sa copine head of a demon.This indication is bolstered by Flemeth 's history of using Chasind men to breed, as per Codex entry: Flemeth.Silver Demon Head Ring Located: Orzammar Commons An ornate silver ring with a decorative element made to look like a horned head of a demon.After receiving and examining Flemeth's Black Grimoire, Morrigan claims that her mother plans code promo continental edison to possess her body in order to prolong her own life.

Bréciliane est, statuette gravée, alistair une caisse à, lothering.It was found in the Grey Wardens cache in Denerim.Initial statistics Morrigan casting a spell Morrigan starts at least at level.Remarkable Topaz Located: Faryn A brilliant gem the color of sunshine.If Loghain completes the ritual: In the place of The Warden, Loghain Mac Tir, recently recruited into the Grey Wardens as penance for his crime at Ostagar, underwent the ritual with Morrigan.Gifts Quite simply, Morrigan likes shiny stuff - mostly jewelry.Regardless of whether the Inquisitor chooses to ally with Abelas or not, the elf leaves to destroy the Well before it can be desecrated, compelling Morrigan to transform into a bird and follow him.Alistair Small Gold Bar Small Gold Bar Gift A small bar of gold.
It seems to enjoy being stroked.

In the Xbox, downloaded PS3 and some PC versions, if the Warden kisses her, she seems to disappear, but is next to Dog.
Witch Hunt may have a bug in which Morrigan will reference the Warden refusing the Dark Ritual even if there was no refusal.