Asymmetric reduction of cadeaux pour mere a 1,1,1-trichloro-2-keto compound is the first stage of the CoreyLink reaction for synthsis of amino acids and related structures with a choice of either natural or un-natural stereochemistry and various side-chains.
DOI:.1021/jo00062a037, singh,.(1993 "Origins of the enantioselectivity observed in oxazaborolidine-catalyzed reductions of ketones The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 58 : 799801, doi :.1021/jo00056a001 Corey,.The reaction usually works simply by mixing the reagents with control of the temperature.Juaristi, Synthesis (Stuttg)., 2016, 48, 38903906.When the carbonyl oxygen is complexed to the boron it becomes electrophilic enough to be reduced by the weak hydride source.

DOI:.1021/jo00247a044, catalyst aspirateur dyson promo boulanger Preparation: Mathre.Commercially available solutions of BH3THF evaluated by Nettles.First, in the case of the diaryl system 9, relatively high stereoselectively is achieved despite the isosteric nature of the ketone substituents, suggesting that electronics in addition to sterics may play a role in the stereoselectivity of the CBS reduction.1987, 109, 5551; (b) Corey,.18 June, 2014 / by, sK / in, reactions 0 4466.(1991 "An asymmetric synthesis of MK-0417.2004, 45, 853; (b) Cho,.For example, the sequence of the CBS reduction followed by the Ireland-Claisen rearrangement was used to synthesize a challenging quaternary stereogenic carbon in the synthesis of aspidophytine.1 Experimental Procedure Experimental Tips References 1 He,.; Bo,.; Altom,.Observations on oxazaborolidine-catalyzed reductions The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 56 : 763769, doi :.1021/jo00002a050 Bulliard, Michael (1999).(1987 "A stable and easily prepared catalyst for the enantioselective reduction of ketones.

1993, 58, 799) Examples Chiral allylic alcohols can be thought of as precursors of stereogenic carbons via various carbon-carbon bond forming reactions.