A grandes école or a Dutch technical university.
Indeed, you learn a lot of mathematics in classes prépas.INA PG might just qualify for the top schools though.Information can be concours conservateur de bibliothèque territorial add on the pages of the institutions.Moreover, it's not about a ranking in this article; it's about explaining a concept to people who do not know about.This discussion just bring us back to the old debate between "prepa.It is a translation of the idiom "grande école".The definition of a grande école by the conférence des grandes écoles itself is given on their website:.
Réalisez votre mix idéal : une majeure, un enjeu technologique, un projet défi et un workshop.
Being a founding member of the CGE implies that the school is very good but few ones are missing: engref, insa Lyon and ensimag for the engineering schools.

Vanuatu92 Preceding undated comment added 08:03, Considering the ranking made by magazines you have two types of rankings: - The ones that separate schools after prepa and schools after prepa integree g - The ones that rank both.If you pass the exam, you can go to corresponding Grande Ecole.It is one of the best second tier but not a first tier school, same applies to Arts et Metiers.We both agree, but I want to "give back to Cesar what belongs to him the top tier list we put in wiki, was to separate famous schools from other schools.If you find any errors, please use the tools below to fix them or call an editor by setting needhelp to your help request.Around 250 engineers graduate each year from Télécom ParisTech.Deleting this list would mean that it's not significant in the french educational landscape.Amidst all the engineering schools, only a few of them are very prestigious and famous for the quality of their formation and recruitment and the fame of their research department, among which three are major: the École Polytechnique, nicknamed X, which trains engineers and prepares.
I do not challenge that.
Some proposals: Sort by Alphabet Sort by (number of people doing the exam) / admissions, this will show exclusivity Sort by average salary of a student leaving the school Sort by a citation index Sort by international ranking Sort by hits on Google Sort.