We found them useful and effective.
Video Resolution Loss, testing showing no dithering in vertical or horizontal bars.
With 480i signals I thought this plasma performed admirably enough with regard to color.
It TV set is more than 20 hours old without this symptiom, then T201.Everything was fine (really a perfect picture made light calibration, and enjoyed.Description: 50" Plasma Television code promo zara france (720P - 1024 X768 Resolution).As on all of the new LG plasma TVs lifespan to average half life has been increased to 100,000 hrs.HQV Processor Testing: The LG 50PG25 performed very well during our.Color Rendition/Color Accuracy: Color information was somewhat more subtle and muted in HD content than expected.
The 50PG25 displayed slightly muted but realistic colors as viewed in this HD shot from Safari.
This plasma contains all of the features found in the PG20 series plasma.

It was pretty good especially in a darker room environment.The non-backlit remote control is fairly complete with the exception of a lacking aspect ratio button on the interface.Exceptions: The Video Noise Reduction and Fluid Motion code promo concorde boutique features seem to have little to no effect in testing.My understanding : - It is much more than.4 of TVs!Testing showed that 1080i is certainly the best resolution for this television as it is with most.Reviewer: Jack Burden, introduction: LG 50PG25, this is a second tier model in LG's 50" plasma 2008/2009 lineup.Aesthetic Considerations: This is a very nice looking plasma TV with a relatively thin frame and a single layer glass design that gives a uniform appearance.The PG25 plasma series also begins design upgrades to a single layer front glass panel with no bezel creases for a crisper appeal.But the most important feature regarding sound is LG's Clear Voice Technology which allows voice frequency material to increase in volume over surround noise.There are 3 AV modes for preset picture viewing sports, games, and cinema and the housing for the plasma contains the new invisible 10W X 10W speaker design with SRS Tru Surround technology.

Features: I like the effect of the non-reflective structure of the plasma pixels.
Outcome : - Noise is coming at 90-95 from T201 tranformer - By pressing windings, I removed a bit of noise - By compressing the transformer from left to right (TV standing normal position I could remove 90-95 of the noise.