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However, that method wouldnt give me enough responses to be able to draw any meaningful conclusions.
But if you were to keep things moving, use short spoken descriptions and up the quality of code reduction waterair the image, it could help a lot.But wait, what about games?Prepare your description in advance.As you can see, overall video use is still pretty low.Screenshots, they will appear on your apps details page on the Google Play website and Android app.
Here is a graph of the use of promo videos proma hp 200 video in the Top 50 free games, in each game category.
Source: Insivia / Hyperfine Media, but we all know that the app stores can be different from other marketing platforms.

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The average use of promo videos for games is almost double that of other categories,.But that wasnt a good enough answer for.Heres a screenshot from the Fiverr app: The other type of video that we see in this category is live action scenes with people.Guest Expert This article was written by one of our awesome Guest Experts.Is this because these types of apps dont benefit from a promo video, or is it something else?For more information about specifying the API level your app requires, read.We dont want that.We will also show you approximately how many daily downloads apps with videos are getting, versus apps that dont have a video.They dont have enough downloads and revenue to justify the time and cost of a video.
This is my firs ever blog post.
While 64 of the Overall Top 50 Free apps are not using video, we want to find out if a promo video might actually be hurting the conversion rate of these apps.