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Mein Name ist Rick Lico, Animation Director bei Polyarc.
Heres a quick look at what you can expect as you battle for a chance to win a PS Vita: Boast : This ones easy!
While out shopping for construction supplies with my father one day, I stopped at a couple Gamestop stores, only to leave empty handed. .
My father knowing how much I wanted this DVD and Beta code, decided to surprise me and get one for me on Ebay. .Starting April 17th the Beta will be available for download via the PSN. .Ich bin heute hier, um mit euch über Quill zu sprechen, dem Protagonisten von Moss.A few weeks back I shared the big news that you would soon have the chance to win your PlayStation Vita only at Taco Bell before it hits retail this February 22nd.Then pick up your specially marked Taco Bell 5 Buck Box, start Reality Fighters Dojo, point your devices camera at the top of the box and get ready to battle.Wait until April 17th to download it, then wait until April 21st to start playing.Ive been calling almost daily asking the 2 Gamestop stores, when they are getting this DVD, and the Beta codes. .This was a really nice thing for him to do, since I am 25, starting promo hotel disney orlando my own family, and he hasnt bought me anything in years (and he doesnt have to).Battle: We worked with Taco Bell to develop an exclusive Augmented Reality game based on the upcoming PS Vita game Reality Fighters.
See you all in the beta.
After the Beta Key has been entered correctly click continue. .

I am in the Premiere Beta.You can play Reality Fighters Dojo by downloading Taco Bells new mobile app for your Android or iOS device.We go to Account Management Transaction Management Redeem PlayStation Network card or Promotional Code. .On average, one winner will be selected every 15 minutes through March, so there are a lot of chances to win!If you won a PS Vita before it hit stores, what game would you most want to play?Create a photo or video boasting about what youd do to nab a PS Vita and submit it here.Let us know in the comments!So all thats left is to wait. .