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The physician places their foot on the table with their knee carte fnac reduction billetterie behind the patients knee.
Gentle downward force is placed on the patients ankle to keep the knee in flexion, and the physician then pushes down with their own foot, raising their calf.Im interested in hearing comments from anyone who has used this technique (or the leverage one).Some orthopedic surgeons use a similar technique, but apply downward force on the patients ankle, using the leverage across their own knee to develop the reduction force needed.One of the disadvantages idee cadeaux enfant of the standard technique is that it takes a fair amount of strength (and patient sedation) to reduce the hip.This may be gentler on the patients knee.The dislocated hip and the knee are both flexed to 90 degrees.If the physician is small or the patient is big, the technique may fail.Named after the pose of the trademark pirate for Captain Morgan rum, this technique simplifies the task of pulling the hip back into position.
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And does cadeaux a gagner facilement anyone have any other techniques that have worked for them?

I wrote about posterior hip dislocation and how to reduce it using the standard technique about 9 months ago.In the Captain Morgan technique, the patient is left in their usual supine position and the pelvis is fixed to the table using a strap (call your OR to find one).The authors report a series of 13 reductions, and all but one were successful.Emergency physicians and orthopedic surgeons at ucsf-Fresno just published their experience with a reduction technique called the Captain Morgan.Gentle rotation of the patients hip while applying this upward traction behind the patients knee usually results in reduction.Thanks to Sam Stellpflug MD at Regions Hospital for bringing this article to my attention.The failure occurred due to an intra-articular fragment, and that hip had to be reduced in the operating room.Ann Emerg Med (in press) 2011.The Captain Morgan technique use the upward lift from their own leg to develop the reduction force.
Novel Hip Reduction Technique: The Captain Morgan.