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PayPal claimed it was eBays problem, while eBay claimed it was a problem with PayPal.
This page explains what to do if you have received an email threat.
Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian.But despite the evidence, PayPal still went ahead and refunded the buyer for the full cost of the item, including postage.To change your communication preferences, go to My eBay, and in the.If you feel unsafe or are afraid for your personal safety, report the incident to your local Police.I supplied the SendIt tracking number and proof of postage and also asked eBay to confirm that the package had arrived, which it did.Visit the Answer Centre to post a question.

Important: When you set up email filters, make sure that the filters do not block any important messages that you may need to receive from eBay.However, in December, a buyer claimed his shoes did not arrive, raising a claim with PayPal for a full refund.EBay offers a similar money-back guarantee, providing further protection for buyers.Sellers code promo club video sfr neufbox who regularly use eBay have become increasingly worried in recent years that unscrupulous buyers will claim an item has not arrived.PayPal its payment system buyers can get a full refund of the original price paid, including postage, even when a seller taux de remise à l'escompte has proof the item arrived.Tip, to help us investigate the source of a spoof or phishing email, don't alter the subject line or forward the message as an attachment.Pay attention to signs that the email might be a spoof.
Most private communication, including email correspondence, is not regulated by eBay.