reduce gap between bullet points

I tested it Firefox, Chrome and Safari and it works nicely.
Bullet or number position, enter the position where you want the selected number or bullet.
The flafter package ensures that floats won't be typeset before their in-text reference.Email me: charles at stylinwithcss dot com with any thoughts/comments.On the, indents and Spacing tab, under, spacing, clear the check from.You should be able to trash everying except the content property from the :before rule when using the other entities as they seem to display at a useable size.If all you want to do is add more space between bullets www piwiplus fr zac et zig concours and text in the list, youre done!As "plenty of space at the bottom of the page" seems to be acceptable to you, try to add raggedbottom to your preamble (the default for the book class is flushbottom).Top of Page, adjust the spacing for a single list item.Maybe you want a bit more space between the bullet and the text or more space between the lines in the list.Then you can adjust the the space between the list item and bullet.

Adjust the spacing for an entire list.Adjust the spacing for a single list item.What do you want to do?Change the spacing between every single line by staying.Drag the right indent marker (the triangle) to the left to decrease the hanging indent.Follow number with, enter the amount of space between the selected numbers or bullets and text: Tab character with specified distance between selected numbers or bullets and text, Space for a single space between the selected numbers or bullets and text,.Applies To: Word 20 Word 20You can adjust the indents in a list to change how the list items line.Applies To: Word 2013, you want some control over how your list looks.I've tried these and other solutions offered, which don't actually work, but I seem to have found a way to do this, and that is to remove the bullet and use the :before pseudo-element to put a Unicode bullet in its place.Right-click one of the highlighted bullets or numbers, and then choose.

Note the use of ems for the bullet's sizing and positioning so that the bullet's relationship to the list item stays constant when your change the font size of the list item.
The amount of space between the bullet and the text is controlled by the indents setting.
I am using Libre Office Writer version.4.4 OOO340m1 (Build:402) if that helps.