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Also the most expensive of the three types.
It was also totally useless in terms of reducing smell or cleaning.
Pros: using a plastic shovel, able to remove urine easily (not sure why others had such trouble, maybe didn't have enough clay in the tray for a start - I keep it to a depth of about 5 cms).
Royal Canin Neutered Adult.If only I could develop one that is, I would.More details, this product is no longer in stock.Voici quelques conseils pour laider à garder une hygiène parfaite.Not perfect, but our preferred choice.

Not great for our floorboards.X, our website uses cookies so bon de reduction alimentaire a recevoir par la poste that we can make your shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.I am happy, as she is safer doing her business indoors anyway.Urine is shown in the crystals turning telltale yellow, but, you have to shovel extensively to remove all.Sollten Sie einmal mit einem unserer Produkte nicht zufrieden sein, dann melden Sie sich bitte bei unseren Experten.Prendre soin de votre chat, découvrez les conseils Catsan pour donner chaque jour à votre chat toute l'attention et les soins qu'il mérite.Remember, I have a girl cat.To accept this you don't need to do anything just carry on shopping, have fun.Toyotomi - Déshumidificateur 11 Ltr/jr à dessicateur TDZ110 261.34 309.90 Afficher le produit.