Omp parallel private (tid) copyin mine tidomp_get_thread_num ( ) print 'T: tid, ' x x!
Join: When the team threads complete the statements in the parallel region construct, they synchronize and terminate, leaving only the master thread.Private (list) firstprivate (list) block!OMP END single nowait Note Threads in the team that do not execute the single directive, will wait at the end of the enclosed code block, unless a nowait (C/C) or nowait (Fortran) clause is specified.For ( n 1 ; n M ; n ) (.) #pragma omp parallel for reduction c) for ( i 0 ; i n ; i j ) c; But when I want connect schedulereduction it is highly re threads longer time of execution for.This is the fundamental parallel construct in OpenMP.The arrays A, B, C, and variable N will be shared by all threads.There are three types of work-sharing constructs in OpenMP: DO - shares iterations of a loop across the team.Single - serializes a section of code Work-Sharing Constructs DO / for Directive The DO / for directive specifies that the iterations of the loop immediately following it must be executed in parallel by the team.The format looks like this: lastprivate (list) Data Scope Attribute Clauses: copyin The copyin clause provides a means for assigning the same value to threadprivate variables for all threads in the team.Clauses Directives parallel DO section single parallel DO parallel section.Logical function OMP_IN_parallel int omp_in_parallel(void) radin malin code promo OMP_SET_dynamic enables or disables dynamic adjustment (by the run time system) of the number of threads available for execution of parallel regions.

Guided: the chunk size is exponentially reduced with each dispatched piece of the iteration space.The threadprivate directive must appear after every declaration of a thread private common block.The sproc interface creates multiple processes with a shared data area.For fixed form source,!OMP, comp, and *OMP are accepted sentinels and must start in column.Possible sentinels are:!OMP, cOMP *OMP, a valid OpenMP directive.Some initializations DO I 1, N A(I) I *.0 B(I) I *.0 enddo result.0!OMP parallel DO!OMP default(shared) private(I)!OMP schedule(static, chunk)!OMP reduction result) DO I 1, N result result (A(I) * B(I) enddo!OMP END DO nowait print 'Final Result result END Run-Time Library.Note: The default schedule is implementation dependent.For free form source, only!OMP is allowed.If chunk is not specified, the iterations are evenly (if possible) divided contiguously among the threads.
All Fortran OpenMP directives must begin with a sentinel.