By turning an all-too-familiar emotion like self-consciousness and humiliation on its head, Always manages to touch base with its clients in ways no other brand has been able.
And Redbull knows this.
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Instead, the video tells a story and then only briefly mentions who trained all the animals involved.Every industry has big names that your small business can capitalize on for a similarly powerful video.They hit big; and this mini-movie was pretty damn big.Tacobell doesnt do anything quietly.At first, you dont even realize that its an ad, as theres no strong call-to-action or logo at the end of the video.Focus on the story not on your agenda.Your small business may not have the budget to purchase a local ad during an event like this, but that shouldnt stop you from creating something thats Super Bowl worthy.Emmy, a, cannes promos intermarche pont a mousson Grand Prix award, and the, grand Clio award.These 6 second, DIY, home improvement videos were so popular, they won Cannes Lion (a bronze in Cyber) and a silver Clio.
The New Science of Customer Emotions, Fully connected customers are 52 more valuable, on average, than those who are just highly satisfied.
They also become an overnight Vine sensation, and got 30,000 followers, and over 40 million loops on their Vines.

One of its most popular Facebook videos Red Bull Creepers, has over.0 million views and.3 million engagements.Learn from your own experiments.TacoBell, were really charged with how we continue to really bring the brand to life over time.Aside from the internets love of kittens, this video works because of its authenticity.Another one of their (awesome!) videos, Welcome to Airbnb has been viewed over 5 million times.The results of the research are astonishing with only 4 of women who consider themselves beautiful and 54 of women who claim they have low body confidence and report that they are not assertive and do not stick to their decisions.One of its most watched video, Never a Stranger, was viewed.9 million times!

As Jonathan Mildenhall said, The entire world is moving towards video.
Just like it did for TacoBell with their various ventures, especially the SnapChat mini-movie.
You may not have the interest or resources to put together a flash mob, but you can still take a lesson from Alphabet and find other ways to surprise and impress.